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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 1, 2014 1:07am-1:31am PDT

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♪ come and get it. >> jason: [ german accent ] what are you doing?! get down from there right now! schnell! schnell! >> elizabeth: shh! >> dr. obrecht: [ clears throat ] i see someone is feeling better. >> jason: [ normal voice ] dr. o. we were just talking about you.
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>> dr. obrecht: is that so? given the sloppiness of your dialect, i had assumed you had recovered childhood memories of "hogan's heroes." >> elizabeth: dr. obrecht, you'd be happy to know that our little stairwell excursion put jake in better spirits. >> dr. obrecht: indeed, i am. given your progress, herr doe, you should be out of here in no time. >> jason: did i just get you in trouble? >> elizabeth: with her? please. i could cure cancer and she'd still find a way to reprimand me for costing the hospital money. >> jason: well, she would have a point. >> elizabeth: oh. so, i see your sense of humor wasn't affected by the accident. >> jason: do you think i was funny before? >> elizabeth: i don't know. the brain works in mysterious ways. >> jason: well, i am glad i can make you laugh, because you have a beautiful smile. besides, there's enough bad news
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to go around in this place. >> sam: thank you so much for coming. >> silas: of course i came. now, what's this about danny being sick? >> sam: see for yourself. it says that danny's leukemia is back. [ tapping in distance ] >> ava: morgan, is that you? i-i was just texting you. >> nina: ava... it isn't morgan. it's me. >> julian: you didn't call me here to discuss my social calendar. so, why are you looking for ava, anyway? she's kept her hands relatively clean as of late, to the best of my knowledge. >> anna: ava's a suspect... in a.j. quartermaine's murder. >> ava: [ sighs ]
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what are you doing here? >> nina: we need to have a chat. >> ava: what could you and i possibly have to chat about? >> nina: there are a couple scores we have to settle. so, buckle up, bitch. showtime. >> franco: it's showtime. come on. we have a wedding. why aren't you dressed? >> carly: can i speak to you alone, please? >> franco: yeah. okay. >> michael: well, that didn't sound good. >> kiki: no, it did not. >> franco: what's going on? >> carly: i know about the recording. >> franco: what recording? >> carly: the recording that proves sonny killed a.j. >> morgan: you gonna answer me, or are you gonna keep playing with your phone? >> sonny: you don't want to push me on this. >> morgan: why else would you want ava dead, except to make sure she doesn't rat you out to michael? what other reason could there be? >> sonny: you want me to tell you? >> morgan: yeah. >> sonny: because ava killed connie! >> morgan: what did you just
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say? >> sonny: you heard me. ava killed the woman that i loved. >> ava: you should not be here. >> nina: i'm not going anywhere until i do what i came here to do. no. >> ava: ohh! ohh! >> nina: get down. get down, ava! ava! ava! hey, trick or treat. >> ava: ohh! ohh! >> ava: ohh! ohh! [ breathing heavily ] that's why there's a listerine® product for every mouth.
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pantene helps stop split ends before they start. so your hair passes the needle test. get hair so healthy you shine with pantene. >> elizabeth: as much as i love you flexing your funny bone, there are other things we should be working on.
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>> jason: hmm. and what's this? this a challenge or something? >> elizabeth: well, yesterday you climbed mount everest. how about today we tackle walking to the assembly room? >> jason: where franco teaches art? can't we go someplace else? >> elizabeth: franco's getting married, remember? and right now the assembly room is halloween party central. every year we throw a big bash for all the kids. my kids are there with my gram. you want to meet them? i'm sure they'd enjoy meeting you. >> jason: yeah. maybe later. but first, i got something for you. it's right over there in that drawer. second to the top, to the right -- your right -- right there. >> elizabeth: is it candy? 'cause after beggars' night, i'm kind of sick of candy. >> jason: it's not candy. >> elizabeth: what is this? >> jason: it's for you.
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>> sam: silas... silas, please tell me that i red those wrong, that there's been a mistake and danny's cancer hasn't come back. please. >> silas: i wish i could. >> sam: oh, my god. >> silas: now, listen -- this is not the time to panic, all right? we always knew this was a real possibility. that's why we kept checking on danny -- so if this did happen, we would catch it early. >> sam: no, i know, but everything was moving in the right direction. everything seemed to be going well, so i just don't understand what happened. >> dr. obrecht: magda, where did you go? >> madeline: nowhere. i was just stretching my legs. >> dr. obrecht: no, you were spying on someone. >> madeline: oh, my god. liesl, you are so paranoid. you've always been irrational about things like this.
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>> dr. obrecht: speaking of irrational, where exactly is my darling niece? >> ava: ohh! [ breathing heavily ] what the hell did you just do to me? >> nina: are you woozy? i went by the pharmacy, and i got some suxemethonium chloride. that's a mouthful. >> ava: what -- what does that mean to me? >> nina: it's a muscle relaxant. doctors give to their trauma patients so they don't freak out when they're getting intubated. >> ava: intubated? >> nina: now, i'm not gonna put a tube down your throat -- not just yet -- but the dosage i gave you just causes a bit of paralysis. >> ava: my -- my baby! [ breathing heavily ] >> nina: ava, your baby is fine. your baby is completely fine. in fact, you could still talk to
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your baby for a little while longer. and then this medication... goes through your bloodstream ever so slowly until you are completely... paralyzed. >> ava: ohh. why? why are you doing this to me? >> nina: so you cooperate. >> ava: cooperate with what?! >> nina: you're gonna find out soon enough. so, i want you to chillax. we have a lot to do in a very short period of time. >> julian: ava -- you think she killed a.j. quartermaine? that case is closed. carlos rivera confessed, and you have him rotting in pentonville right now. >> anna: we have reason to believe that his confession was coerced. >> julian: i'm sure it was -- by you. >> anna: no. we believe he was pressured by your sister. >> julian: and just because ava
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persuaded carlos to come clean for his own good means she pulled the trigger? >> anna: that's the working theory. >> julian: [ chuckles ] keep working, commish. you're way off. ava didn't kill a.j. but she sure as hell knows who did. >> morgan: you're lying. you'll say anything just to justify what you're trying to do to ava. >> sonny: listen to me. i'm telling you the truth. ava killed connie. >> morgan: no. a.j. did. that's why you shot him. >> sonny: i shot the wrong man, morgan. we all thought the worst of a.j. because ava made us believe that a.j. killed connie so she could get away with it. that's why i shot him. >> franco: the recording that proves that sonny killed a.j.? why are we talking about that now? >> carly: because spencer cassadine told me he caught you trying to hack in to my e-mail account. >> franco: ah. right. that. >> carly: that. yeah, that. >> franco: it's easy to explain, carly. i was being a nosy, paranoid,
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insecure, jealous freak show because it was a day that ended in the letter "y." >> carly: i remember that day. i remember that morning like it was yesterday. all the questions you were asking me -- did i keep a copy? you were trying to get your hands on that recording so you could get back at sonny. right? could get back at sonny. right? >> franco: yes. it hurts. you doin'? this is what it can be like to have shingles, a painful, blistering rash. if you had chicken pox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. i wish that there was something i could do to help. the shingles rash can last up to 30 days. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk. [ male announcer ] from the farm to our fridge in just six days.
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try new visible lift blur. >> elizabeth: that is really kind of you -- it is, but i don't -- >> jason: i told you yesterday that i'm gonna hold you to this. come on. draw me something. >> elizabeth: like what? i wouldn't even know where to start. >> jason: i don't know. maybe something, uh -- something that's in front of you. >> elizabeth: like what? >> jason: i don't know. maybe...hmm? >> elizabeth: your cast? >> jason: i was thinking maybe you could draw me. >> elizabeth: oh. >> sam: i mean, danny pulled through last year. what if he's not as lucky this time? >> silas: luck had nothing to do with it. he had a great donor, and you
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had the best oncologist in the northeast on your side. >> sam: yeah. i sure did. i'm not gonna argue with that. >> silas: good. so, the first thing we'll do is we'll run the test again -- make sure the lab didn't make any mistakes. >> sam: yeah, but if -- what if the news is bad this time? >> silas: at least we know we got a jump on it, right? so, right now, what i need you to do is i need to call your mom and let's get danny down here. >> sam: okay. okay. i'm on it. >> silas: all right. while you're at it, call your father. the sooner we can get him to donate, the better. >> madeline: nina had an errand to run. >> dr. obrecht: an errand? i thought she was on the lam after assaulting her husband. >> madeline: nina has always been very...headstrong. but then that runs in our family, doesn't it? >> dr. obrecht: and you didn't go after her? >> madeline: no. i had business of my own to attend to here. besides, i'm confident that nina is perfectly capable of taking care of herself.
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>> nina: try not to take this personally... but i just couldn't risk you trying to call a friend. [ cellphone rings ] see? that's what i'm talking about. [ ringing ] [ ringing continues ] tough break, ain't it? that drug is really kicking in. it's kicking in. oh, it's amazing. let's see who tried to call you. was it kiki? morgan? silas tried to call you. >> ava: you've reached ava jerome. leave a message and i'll return your call as soon as possible. >> nina: you two are reconnecting. i know he spent the night here last night.
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my mother tried to convince me that nothing torrid happened, and i suppose that's likely for a woman in your delicate condition. but i don't know what happened behind closed doors. >> ava: he was just taking care of me. >> nina: he was taking care of you? he was taking care of you like he took care of you 20 years ago. you were screwing -- you were screwing my husband, ava! screwing him. he took care of you 20 years ago, and you know something? you are never, ever going to lay eyes on my husband, just like you are never, ever going to lay eyes... on your baby. >> anna: well, if there's someone else that we need to be speaking with, enlighten me. [ cellphone rings ]
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>> julian: [ sighs ] >> anna: do you need to get that? >> julian: you know what? i've learned my lesson about helping the police. i'm not saying another word. if you don't like it, call my attorney. [ knock on door ] >> dante: commissioner. >> julian: excuse me. >> dante: what was that about? >> morgan: ava had no reason to kill connie. >> sonny: when i figured out that derek wells was julian jerome... your girlfriend, ava, who you wonder why i hate so much, had to silence connie. so, she took a.j.'s gun, and she shot her point-blank -- left her drowning in her own blood. >> morgan: no. >> sonny: no? >> morgan: no. >> sonny: that's how she operates, you see? ava sees a threat, and she takes it out. that's why she killed connie. that's why she shot olivia. >> morgan: excuse me? olivia? >> sonny: another thing she didn't tell you. she was aiming at franco, and
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she hit olivia. >> morgan: this isn't funny, dad. >> sonny: okay, the list of crimes that ava has -- it just goes on and on. that's why i had to keep her close until the baby was born -- to protect that kid -- your child, my grandchild. >> morgan: i think you're lying. >> sonny: oh, you -- >> morgan: i think you're lying. i think you're lying like you lied to michael about going after a.j. >> sonny: you don't have to take my word for it. i have proof. >> carly: you swore to me that you would take that secret to your grave, and now i find out you were gonna tell michael that sonny killed a.j.? >> franco: i swear to you i will never, ever tell michael that secret. >> carly: then you tell me what's going on, or we're not getting married. the wedding's off. >> franco: look, ava got it in my head, all right? she was taunting me about your relationship with sonny. >> carly: what the hell does that have to do with violating my privacy? >> franco: she wanted the recording to use as insurance against sonny. she was trying to use me to get a copy of the recording. >> carly: and you were gonna help her?! >> franco: i had a weak moment, and then i remembered that ava's


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